Author Topic: tiny ghosts, on video?!?  (Read 672 times)

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tiny ghosts, on video?!?
« on: April 02, 2012, 03:58:50 PM »
As you know, tiny ghosts is a mixed media photography project that attempts to tell an entire story in just two sentences. Unfortunately, experiencing tiny ghosts in its intended fashion requires two things, "reading" and "clicking the next link." Turns out, we get a lot of hate mail from fans who say that while they love the comic, they just wish we could do away with all the reading and clicking associated with it. Never say that we do not listen to our fans! Tiny ghosts is pleased to announce our new service, "Tiny Ghosts - Video." With this service, 20 comics will be injected directly into your ears and eyeballs without having to click or read anything. It's the comic equivalent of crack cocaine. These videos were narrated by the creepy and delicious J.P. Marston, who is so cool that he actually once made out with two vampires at the same time, on television!

I figure I'd post this here because with iMovie, it's really easy to make a slideshow video like this.  If you can peel the word-balloon layer off of your photoshop files, you could use this technique to make movies of your own.  It could be extra fn if you got all your friends to play cast-members.

Please do your part by reposting these videos everywhere or thumbing them up on reddit, ow whatever it is you kids do for viral marketing these days.