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My personal preference is to sign on the paper, outside of the image. I also usually like to leave white space between the image and the inside edge of the mat, with signature visible. When space is an issue, I'll mat right to the edge of the image and sign the mat.

I've never tried starch paste hinging before - thank you for linking that article. I'm curious to give it a try. I've usually just used linen hinging tape, which accommodates my clumsiness fairly well.  :biggrin:

As for materials, I do always try to buy acid free mat board and foam core. Anything that will be in physical contact with the paper I try not to skimp on. As for the glass, I buy conservation glass as often as I can. But when I need to skimp on something, I'll go with regular glass, and occasionally plexi.

The frames themselves are probably the biggest challenge for me, because I haven't quite figured out how to make them myself yet, and buying commercially is often cost-prohibitive. Lately I've started buying used frames from estate sales and thrift shops for a couple of dollars each that I'm going to try to clean up and reuse.

All of that said -- I totally agree with Jesse's comment above that doing things in bulk can be done on a budget. I find I end up spending more money (and more frustration) when I frame things as one-offs, compared to when I have done large batches of multiple items. Now ... if I can just take my own advice and pre-frame some work, so that I don't end up scrambling at the last minute every single time.  :mrgreen:

I'm showing four photos! Framed them up ... now just need to wire them for hanging and I'm all set!
Sadly, I will miss install day, but I am looking forward to meeting everyone and seeing all the awesome work at the opening!

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