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Art Business / Re: Street Vending Help
« on: September 30, 2017, 09:10:17 PM »
Hey sorry I didn’t see your post earlier.  That’s an excellent question.  I got into arguments years about about my rights to perform as a street musician years ago.  I ended having great conversations with the city attorney about what my rights were.  I argued that it was my first amendment right to perform publicly.  The city said that it could as long as it was done of, “reasonable time, place, and manor…”  Oddly I couldn’t get an exact definition of what reasonable time place and manor was…  I’m very sure that it’s a different story when it comes to selling art on the street.  I’m sure you’ll need a business license and a tax license, maybe event a permit.  What did you find out?

Sorry again that it took months for me to reply….

General Art Discussion / Re: A list of artdc ETSY shops!
« on: January 30, 2017, 09:09:26 PM »
Welcome and cheers to art in DC!

Artists / Re: News from Galerie Schiff
« on: September 26, 2016, 02:13:30 AM »
Sorry about that. They were a bit obvious with the Spam. I’ll never quite understand why they abuse forms. Probably the old ideas of gaining page rank.. or some more complex social engineering. None the less, that post has been removed. Anyhow, I've Been on a long “virtual" Holiday. My apologies.  Lot’s of stuff to clean up.  Thanks as always for our continued updates! I value your attention.

The artdc Gallery @ Lustine is closing.  Join us for our last closing party there…  This Saturday June 20, 2015 7pm.
If you’ve ever been in a show at this space, now is a great time to say goodbye!


Artist opportunities / Re: #WeTweetArt V3.0 Call for Art
« on: January 14, 2015, 09:28:47 PM »
The Facebook event page is up along with a final list of artists / links to their twitter profiles!!!

Thanks so much for posting! I love the Studio Gallery.  I bought a work of art by Brian Kirk a few years ago!  Cheers to representing excellent artists and supporting the DC area scene.

Artists / Re: News from Galerie Schiff
« on: January 02, 2015, 04:34:26 PM »
No problem!

General Art Discussion / Re: Thanks,!
« on: January 02, 2015, 01:25:13 PM »

That’s tremendous!  I’m always so excited to hear about great things like this!!!


Artists / Re: News from Galerie Schiff
« on: January 02, 2015, 01:23:49 PM »
I just read your post, "In the interest of complete disclosure…” and thought I’d respond.

Artists / Re: Bill Remington's pictures-MEMEME
« on: January 01, 2015, 07:58:08 PM »
I like the mono chromatic direction.  Thanks for the update!

Artists / Re: A new web site for Galerie Schiff
« on: January 01, 2015, 07:57:00 PM »
Clean site! I really like the potomac ice shot.

Artists / Re: happy new year
« on: January 01, 2015, 07:56:11 PM »
Cheers to the great beginnings with 2015!

Artists / Re: News from Galerie Schiff
« on: January 01, 2015, 07:55:36 PM »
Cheers to disclosure!  :smt108    :mrgreen:

Artist opportunities / #WeTweetArt V3.0 Call for Art
« on: December 30, 2014, 01:07:53 PM »
#WeTweetArt   V3.0 
artdc Gallery group show
call for art

Dates: Sunday, 1/11/15 - Sunday, 2/8/15

Install: Sunday 1/11/15 at 12 p.m.
De-install: Sunday 2/8/15 11am
Reception: Saturday 1/24  6-9 p.m.

Previously we let the world know we think Twitter is an amazing frontier for creative connections and artistic communication. We curated a list of Washington, DC area artists. There’s no limitation to medium or experience. This list represents a group of DC-area artists who are working to connect with the world. There’s a wide range of work and it’s all connected via geo-location and Twitter.

We are producing our third social media connected show. This is #WeTweetArt V3.0. In the past, we met  to celebrate the growing connection of artists and art lovers on social media. We invited artists via twitter to join us for a mass art installation. As a result, a great number of artists installed work in the gallery on 2 occasions.

At the space, artists met the public face-to-face, and we brought the life of the art we found on Twitter back to social media at that moment through live tweeting. It was a unique experience to see social interactions alive through smartphones, oddly quiet in a crowded room filled with the improvisational sounds of Sassoon.

As a result of the show, according to Topsy statistics, we saw over 1,000 tweets on a previously unused hashtag for each show. That’s a lot of energy, which means we need continue this trend!

Find some history and the artists involved here:

We invite you to promote this exhibit on Twitter and other social media platforms such as Facebook. We realize there are folks who may want to share in the fun elsewhere. Bring it on! Find our Facebook group here: .  (The event page is coming!!!)

Why do this? More than half of the U.S. population have smartphones according to Forbes magazine.

There are over 645 million Twitter users. The potential for creative connections for artists at no cost is astounding and moving at incredible pace. With the right energy, one can literally connect with millions of people. What an incredible tool. With such a large number there is great potential to meet art patrons, collectors, and artists to collaborate with and more.

This is an open call exhibition of art for DC-area Twitter users. The artists must be on Twitter and they all must tweet @artdc about their work in the exhibition. This exhibition represents a tiny cross section of what’s out there. Twitter art activity is growing. If you’re a Facebook lover, you’re welcome to Facebook your heart out about this event, but you must sign up on Twitter. Need help? E-mail us.

Let us know by e-mail that you’re in: fineartventures (at) . If you can’t make the install, we would still love your social, promotional and interactive energy.

Details / Requirements:

1. The size will range from small to 20”x30”, potentially larger depending on the number of responses to this call. We will notify artists before install about the exact limit. We are flexible on requirements within reason. That said if the whole list says yes we’re in, the size limit may be around 16x20” to 18x24”. It all depends! Contact us for more complex installation work. Small works are welcome considering the fact that we have over 100 artists on our art profiles list. Sculpture may be larger.

2. Bring 2 or 3 works and we’ll select 1 or more to fit the space.

3. Art must be ready to hang with D-rings and wire if it’s a wall hanging work.

4. 3D works are welcome. Limited pedestal availability. Please check to confirm.

5. Limited nudity, as the gallery is in a community center, and kid accessible. Contact us if you have questions.

6. You must tweet about the show once installation is complete. Use the hashtag #WeTweetArt

7. After the install, or at the show reception, Tweet an image of your work with the hashtag #WeTweetArt and @artdc . Include dimension, medium and price. 

#WeTweetArt @artdc “Self” oil on canvas by ‪Melissa Glasser 10x10” ‪ $175

8. Stay tuned for details on the Best in ReTweet art award.

9. Retweet the call for entry for this show, and invite your artist friends to get involved by Twitter.

To apply:

You must be a member of the DC-area Twitter list: Not on the list? No problem. Drop us an e-mail with your twitter profile.

You must e-mail us ASAP with a response with your interest to show right away with a brief description of your work and a link to your website. If you have them, send us .jpg’s of your work at medium resolution no bigger than 1400 pixels at the largest dimension. (Please use the title of your work to name the file). Be ready to join us for the install. Space will fill up quickly!

Awesome.  Thanks so much for posting!

Who: artdc Gallery
What: Density
Where: 5710 Baltimore Ave., Hyattsville, MD 20781
Exhibition Dates: 12/7/14 – 1/12/15
Reception: Saturday, 12/13/14 7-9pm

Twelve Washington-area photographers present a diverse selection of contemporary photography. The work includes silver gelatin prints, photogravure, wet plate collodion, pinhole photography and large-scale digital prints. "The work in Density represents the rich gamut of photography in both process and form.", said curator Barry Schmetter.

The show's opening will be held on Saturday, December 13 from 7:00-9:00 pm at the artdc Gallery in the Hyattsville, MD arts district.

Barry Schmetter   
Bill Seelig         
Bill Woodbridge         
Brady Wilks   
Brian V. Jones         
D. B. Stovall   
Dan Dister         
Don Gangloff         
George L Smyth   
Jeff Deemie   
Joanna Knox Yoder   
John Labovitz   
Joshua Dunn         
Suzanne Izzo

Twitter accounts:

Wanted, For Sale, and Space Available / Re: The Can Tab Chair.
« on: November 09, 2014, 10:30:49 PM »
Here’s to a good ‘ole bump.  Still an awesome chair.  I love functional art.

Who: artdc Gallery
What: Shootout at the DaDa Salon Reception
Where: 5710 Baltimore Ave., Hyattsville, MD 20781
Exhibition Dates: 11/9 – 12/7/14
Reception: Saturday, 11/15/14 7pm – 9:30

SHOOTOUT AT THE DADA SALON brings together nine DC-area artists whose work defies expectations, taking the viewer on a winding journey. Surrealism? Dadaism? These local artists march to the beat of their own drummers. In these works, they redefine aesthetics as they so please, confront cultural mores, swallow them, digest them, and defy logic in works that stand in a universe of each artist's own creation. This diverse collection of 2D and 3D works alludes to reality, but a reality that has been twisted and subjected to each artist's will. Their unique voices help us reflect on the sometimes harsh realities of our physical world and our ability, through art and humor, to transcend them.

Enrique Huaiquil
Emily Hoxworth
Frank Fishburne
Kelly Phebus
Rhett Rebold
Richard Schellenberg
Steven Dobbin
Roger Cutler


I know there are some wonderful artists out there that probably do this kind of thing.  Have you thought about doing it yourself?  Maybe some DIY web energy could be useful?  Maybe start digital first in photoshop to make a plan?  Just brainstorming here…

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