Author Topic: del. adam ebbin fundraiser/mclean delegate/canvas w/electricians union?  (Read 777 times)

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del. ebbin/arl/falls church/alex has a fundraiser tuesday the 18th in falls church,he's the first openly gay member of the statehouse,younger,nice,and lots of the elected officials sponsoring are supporters and patrons of the arts.i think it's at the futbol cafe on s jefferson st.,50 bucks.
only need five votes to get anti-discrimination legislation passed.the mclean del,margi vanderhye,also youngish,was a co-sponsor.she's also up for re-election and want to canvas with me and the electricians union/afl-cio,linda?they supported deeds very early.
only 1 rep state senator in and he might retire/running for a.g. i think.
no barking.