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Check out this guy's work. I think his colorizations look very authentic and in some cases add dramatic effect. Other opinions?

Artist opportunities / Juxtapoz Magazine
« on: July 08, 2013, 10:15:34 PM »
Send your stuff to The online version of Juxtapoz Magazine. They take:  ILLUSTRATION, EROTICA, STREET ART, GRAFFITI.  Hey, they took some of my Infrared nudes.  Here's the submission info based on your art genre:

They have some real variety including Nil Ultra's Tit-Faced JFK

- Rhett  ;-)

Photo Discussion / Bert Stern: The Original Madman Film
« on: April 01, 2013, 11:59:41 AM »
Auto-bio film on Bert Stern proves to be interesting if the trailer is any indication. Unclear if it is really playing at the E Street Landmark in May.

I've signed up via MeetUp for this workshop with Howard Peterella. In the workshop, he typically spends as much time on shooting as on post processing.  I was curious if any ARTDC people were interested; I've always learned something or have been inspired in some way when exposed to other artists' processes.  Howard Peterella has been a professional fashion and commercial photographer for more than 25 years.  His clients include Nordstroms, The Bon Marche, Eddie Bauer, Saturday's, Jay Jacobs, Rofee Skiwear, Seattle Magazine, Generra clothing, and more.

Saturday, April 6, 2013, 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Union 206 Studio
350 Calvert Avenue, Alexandria, VA (map)

Price: $59.00/per person

To see more or to sign up see:

Art Show Reviews / Erotica 2013 at the MOCA DC Gallery
« on: March 10, 2013, 08:56:11 AM »
MOCA DC held the opening reception of "Erotica 2013" on Friday night Mar 1st at its Georgetown Gallery.  The art opening featured body painting, a variety of 2D erotic art and lots of live Burlesque and variety entertainment. Typical of MOCA, the event was not stuffy and was a lot of fun. I've often gone to this annual event and tried to say a few words and illustrate the rest of the review.  This year, I thought that I'd just shoot video and let it speak for itself, so here it is with a few still frames.  The video is front loaded with the 2D art with Burlesque, magic and even a male Hula fire dancer (at 01:33 ).  I recommend the very creative and expressive Burlesque routine (at 02:53) done to the ska version of the very catchy Bumble Bee Tuna jingle. Cheers!


END.        Link to previous reviews:

I love the feel of this video, the shots and the pace of it seems to fit craftsmen who are living with a great work/life balance. The fact that this seems so simple and flows so well indicates well spent hours of editing.  Great use of close ups and tilt focus lens. Actually, just great shots, everyone is set up and composed like a photographer vice a videographer.

General Art Discussion / Johnathan Meese
« on: October 08, 2012, 11:08:33 PM »

How does this performance affect you?  Is there an explanation  for it?

Guess it's what I consider to be high entry prices.  And the way submitted pieces most likely become part of the Milky Way of really good but not great photos on the walls - at least the years that I've attended.  Of course, there are always very powerful amateur exceptions, it's for these, the pro exhibits and the photo journalism that I attend.

"Commissioned by NASA, Births Strange Sci-Fi Photos"

 I love their stuff, also see my post from an earlier show Here:

I was somewhat disgusted by this video taken by a woman in Rochester, NY who was arrested for filming police activity from her own front yard.  It's important to document this stuff and keep pushing to maintain the right.  Photography is protected under the First Amendment and it is completely legal to photograph or video tape police in the the public conduct of their business.  In fact, I believe that it's a good form of benign citizen oversight of the police.

Photo Discussion / Legal Photography Challenges in Pre-Olympic London
« on: April 17, 2012, 07:47:39 AM »
The UK is experiencing some of the same challenges to civil liberties/free society that we've experienced here.

"Media and civil liberties groups have expressed alarm after the managers of an Olympic venue pledged to intercept and question anyone seen photographing or filming the site, even from public land, and defended security guards who wrongly tried to invoke terrorist laws to prevent footage being shot of the arena."  The same arguments apply: if they were casing the place on behalf of al-Qaeda, you'd never see them do it.  We can never be really safe, only less free.

Art Show Reviews / Erotica 2012 at the MOCA DC Gallery
« on: March 14, 2012, 10:15:16 PM »
MOCA DC held the opening reception of "Erotica 2012" on Friday night Mar 2nd at its Georgetown Gallery.  The art opening featured body painted human statues (male) and a variety of 2D and 3D erotic art that, as is customary for MOCA, ran the gamut from artistic beginner's work to a number of very polished professional pieces.  Also typical of MOCA, the event was not stuffy and was a lot of fun.  Someone new to MOCA remarked "This is great!  Just what DC needs!"  I asked him if he meant that DC was a tad conservative.  "DC's terrible, just a horrible place!"  This writer has seen lots of potential here; it's certainly not New York or San Francisco but there's educated professionals, diversity, creative people and a vibrancy here.  Some of this vibrancy and diversity can be seen at this show.  Hurry to see the exhibit which runs from Mar2 to Mar 31, with a closing burlesque show on Friday night Mar 30. 

Photo shoot artistic director and his model.

Various photographic pieces.




Reception Goers


Photo Discussion / Arrested/Detained in Baltimore for Taking Pictures
« on: June 27, 2011, 10:29:12 PM »
I stumbled upon this story of a train and transport enthusiast who recently got wrongly detained and held up by apparently mis-informed transit police.  Personally, I think this is unmitigated bullshit and something that people need to push back against.  This sort of harassment is often done in the name of post-911 anti-terror security but I would argue has nothing to due with making us safer and violates the Bill of Rights.  As someone who has actually taken surreptitious photos, I can tell you that the transit police would never have had a clue if someone was actually casing the station for some kind of attack.  So why beat up on hobbyists and tourists?   It may seem silly to push back on this and perhaps even a small price to pay for enhanced security but the effect is corrosive to real freedom of speech and it can be abundantly demonstrated that it just doesn't make us any safer.  So I urge my street photography colleagues to actively resist this stupidity and to contact the ACLU if police overstep their authority and are bluffing actual knowledge of the applicable laws.  (Of course be polite.)


I attended the auction and the viewing before hand.  Most of the art on hand were lithographs, some apparently hand signed by artists, a few original oils including a Pissaro, which made me wonder about authenticity.  Each piece had the same certificate of authenticity, sourced to gallery in Philadelphia. This was a print auction business (possibly of manufactured art) and not art from an estate.

Some of the pieces went for $9K or more, including some lithographs (like you would buy at the framing store) went for $800.  Other things that struck me as strange:  Hispanic day laborers who obviously didn't know how to handle art had been hired to handle "expensive" art work.  Also, we were encouraged to place gooey stickers on the "expensive" art work in which we were interested.

This seemed peculiar, but it wasn't until I went home that a Google search revealed a long history of this auctioneer and his associates scamming unsophisticated art lovers in the US and Canada.  Google searches revealed that:  In one auction, he had claimed to be selling items from Bernie Madoff's  mansion - it turned out that he had one plastic Swatch watch that used to be in the Madoff family.  One purchaser paid $14K for a signed print that was later appraised as worthless.  Others had a hard time returning art that had been mis-represented.  One article noted that he was under FBI investigation. 
(He is business partners with the Milchmans.)
See below articles for more info:!_Wanna_Buy_A_Chagall_.htm
Note the comments below this article.

Should I go to the FBI with this or is he just within the law?

- Rhett

Art Show Reviews / Erotica 2011 at the MOCA DC Gallery
« on: March 20, 2011, 10:36:49 PM »
Friday night March 4 marked the opening of the MOCA DC Gallery's Erotica 2011 erotic art show.  As much an art opening as a performance event, the show featured paintings, photography, digital art and sculpture as well as live tattooing, body piercing and body painting.  Certainly worth a visit at any time during the March 4 - April 2 show; I've heard the closing party on April 1, will likely eclipse the opening in pure outrageousness and entertainment. The following are some somewhat random shots from the opening party:

Piercers and Tattoo artists inaction.

Unsuspecting attendees.

ARTDC member artist Roy Utley with Shaun van Steyn, Falls Church Art Director.  His jeans were vintage 1969 bell bottoms.

Hope to see you on Friday Night April 1st!

Cheers, Rhett

"Ultraviolet to Infrared, Paul Reed - 50 Years" opened tonight at Lorton, VA's Workhouse Gallery.

Paul Reed, born 1919, is one of six of the original Washington Color School painters, a Washington, DC native and currently lives in Arlington, VA.  In conversation at the Workhouse Gallery show, he seems very sharp despite his significant years and still paints today.  He was recently quoted as saying: "Pollock dripped, Frankenthaler and Lewis poured, Howard sprinkled and I am still blotting."  Given the breadth of his diverse and striking work on display, spanning 50 years, it seemed as if blotting was just the tip of the creative iceberg for Reed.  The show contains a large number of his original works, some of which are surprisingly affordable.  The show runs through Feb 27, 2011 and is not to be missed!


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