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“I honor my compassionate, Intuitive nature, my imagination, & my fluidity”

On September 6th, I will be introducing the Full Moon Meditation with a leading Meditation as well as appetizers that will connect with the energy of the Full Moon. This event will honor the energy of the Pisces Full Moon at my studio at Olly Olly.

These meditations have been created to create an open space where we can collectively center our energy and connect and listen to the voice within, so that we have optimal creative energy in every aspect of our lives.

For the Meditation, I will be talking specifically about how the Pisces Moon affects ourselves universally and personally. These tools will guide us into remaining focused on connecting with our intuitive development and continue to allow us to flow on the river of our own personal rainbow beam.

I am suggesting a donation of $5.00 for this workshop and group only so that it can be contributed to the food. ♥

Meditation on the Full Moon allows us to honor the voice that is within and understand our deeper connection with our emotions and our one universal human soul. Sometimes our souls can get muddled up with everyday life, but if we sit still with one another we can create a space of vast and limitless energy that can connect us to our cosmogony within. I will be holding a Meditation based on the horoscope of the Full Moon every month at my studio at Olly Olly in Old Town, Fairfax.

Please join us and feel free to bring along creative projects, journals, or anything that you might want to share or hold tight to you while you connect closer to your true nature.


September 6th- Full Moon in Pisces- Wednesday, 8-9pm
Leading Workshop with Mel Bikowski
Bring your own pillow/seat/crystal/journal
Short Tarot Spread Reading

 Olly Olly
10417 Main St. 2nd Floor
Fairfax, VA 22030

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Wildly- Expressively- Mel