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Artist Joseph DeLappe
« on: October 17, 2013, 05:58:04 PM »
On Monday, October 14, I attended an artist talk by Joseph DeLappe who currently works at the University of Nevada. He was a very different kind of artist than any other that I have come into contact with before, and I wanted to hear more about how he came to do the work that he is doing. He began as a design student making sculptures using old computer and video game parts in pieces such as his “Mouse Series” which developed into even even greater idea. He created a piece called the Artist Mouse, which was a functional mouse, with a pencil attached. DeLappe decided to take this idea even further and replace his mouse pad with paper and played levels of a computer game to create unexpected marks that were recording the game play. On the paper he created a literal map of that level of the game and began doing this in for other activities on his computer. He would use the same piece of paper over a longer and longer period of time, turning the paper as he went to create a piece of artwork.
   When these ideas became tired, he became interested in how people were communicating in these online virtual games. He decided to do a type of virtual performance in the game, so instead of playing and killing, he would perform using the keyboard to write poetry lyrics. Although, of course, some people did not appreciate what he was doing in these forums, other people really did appreciate it and gave him positive feedback on what he was doing. DeLappe did a number of performative texts in these virtual spaces, including a group performance in which each person was a character from the television show FRIENDS and performed an entire episode. In 2004 he also reenacted all three presidential debates between Bush and Kerry in virtual spaces, which definitely stirred up some controversy in the virtual world.
   I thought his most inspiring virtual performance was in a video game called America’s Army, which is basically a marketing tool for the US Military, but instead of playing the game, DeLappe would recite the names of soldiers who have died defending our country. He has gotten some major media attention on game blogs, CNN, other news programs and websites and continues to do projects similar to these in which he performs or protests virtually, as well as continuing to do more traditional sculptures. If you have never heard of this artist I encourage you to check him out at! I think that what he is doing really has some strong messages involved and is inspiring to see what reactions his projects receive.

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Re: Artist Joseph DeLappe
« Reply #1 on: October 18, 2013, 09:29:13 AM »
I checked out some of his work.  Very interesting - cool work.  Thanks for bringing this artist to my attention.
ev marinucci