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In Support of
« on: August 10, 2006, 10:28:27 AM »
We at would like to thank those who value our efforts to bring artists closer together.  With out your energy, efforts, enthusiasm, and development,  we would not exist!  Cheers to the continued strong efforts of the DC metro area artists and art lovers!

To date, we'd like to send thanks to those who have sent gifts in support of's efforts.

Patron Members:

In 13

Byra Zimmerman a.k.a Byra 4-1-13
Evelynn Cabrera a.k.a evmarinucci 4-1-13
Jennifer Deskins a.k.a juniperart 3-27-13
Pamela Viola a.k.a Pamela H. Viola 3-5-13
Tom Cardarella a.k.a. PelArts  3-4-13

In '12

Delia Mychajluk a.k.a. DeliaMychajluk 5-22-12
David Stovall a.k.a dbstovall 5-22-12
George Pelham a.k.a. George Pelham 5-21-12
Len Rizzi a.k.a. Grandpa 5-19-12
Grayson Heck a.k.a. Grayson Heck 5-19-12
Alex Zealand a.k.a. lexi 5-19-12
Amy Cohen a.k.a. Amy 5-19-12
Deborah Winram a.k.a. d. winram 5-19-12
Stephen Meade a.k.a. Stephen Meade 5-19-12
Ian Delaney Doherty a.k.a. Ian Delaney Doherty 5-17-12
Angela Kleis a.k.a angelakleis 5-14-12
Denise Brown a.k.a Denise Brown 5-2-12
AHendricks a.k.a AHendricks 5-1-12
Andrew Benson a.k.a Andrew Benson 5-1-12
H. Paul McCoy, Jr. a.k.a. Maestro20010  4-30-12
Byra Zimmerman a.k.a byra 4-29-12
Roy Utley a.k.a. royutley 4-27-12
Diane R Sibbison a.k.adsibbison 4-26-12
James L. Wang a.k.a  Art by Wang 4-26-12
Mike Lynch a.k.a  mikealynch 4-20-12
Ric Garcia a.k.a. RicGarcia 4-10-12
Paul Farley a.k.a PaulsArt 3-9-12
Barry Schmetter a.k.a. BarryS 3-3-12
Alex Zealand a.k.a. lexi 2-19-12
Tom Cardarella a.k.a. PelArts  2-17-12
Rhett Rebold a.k.a. rrebold  2-17-12

In '11

Evelynn Cabrera a.k.a evmarinucci 5-17-11
Gail Vollrath a.k.a. gvollrath 5-11-11
Sean Hennessey a.k.a. scenicartisan 5-11-11
Barry Schmetter a.k.a. BarryS 5-8-11
KimCh'yong HaiNgan Zu a.k.a. dancingqueen 5-5-11
Anne Cherubim a.k.a. cleoasc 5-4-11
Lisa Neher a.k.a. LNeher  5-3-11
Brian Greyard a.k.a. barthexderosa - 5-2-11
Fabian a.k.a. fabianhriosrubino 4-28-11
Troy Cellmer a.k.a. tcellmer 4-21-11
Ian Delaney Doherty a.k.a. Ian Delaney Doherty 4-20-11
Matt Mercer a.k.a mattmercer 4-18-11
Ric Garcia a.k.a. RicGarcia 4-17-11
David Stovall a.k.a dbstovall 4-15-11
Paul Farley a.k.a PaulsArt 4-14-11
Angela Kleis a.k.a angelakleis 4-13-11
Jennifer Bishop a.k.a. jenb1012 4-13-11
Alex Zealand a.k.a. lexi 4-1-11
Fabian a.k.a. fabianhriosrubino 3-29-11
Rhett Rebold a.k.a. rrebold  3-13-11
Mike Lynch a.k.a  mikealynch 3-11-11
Jerry Harke a.k.a. jharke 3-11-11
Tom Cardarella a.k.a. PelArts  1-22-11

In '10

Ric Garcia a.k.a. RicGarcia 11-5-10
Roy Utley a.k.a. royutley 9-16-10
Shante C. Bullock  a.k.a. shanteb 8-31-10
H. Paul McCoy, Jr. a.k.a. Maestro20010  8-31-10
Gail Vollrath a.k.a. gvollrath 8-31-10
Evelynn Cabrera a.k.a evmarinucci 6-2-10
Paul Farley a.k.a PaulsArt 4-20-10
Alan Rich a.k.a. ilabelu 4-14-10
David Clarke a.k.a. drclarke 4-13-10
Lisa Rosenstein a.k.a Lisa Rosenstein 4-4-10
Tom Cardarella a.k.a. PelArts 1-5-10

In '09

Rhett Rebold a.k.a. rrebold  11-15-09
Bert Pasquale a.k.a. LightPainter 11-15-09
Raju Singh a.k.a. Lights_Shadows 11-15-09
Alex Meade a.k.a. AlexMeade 11-13-09
Ric Garcia a.k.a. RicGarcia 11-13-09
Sharon J. Burton a.k.a. AuthenticArtDC 11-12-09
Heather Miller a.k.a. TexelGirl 11-11-09
Lisa Neher a.k.a. LNeher  11-11-09
Rita L Elsner  a.k.a. ritaritarita 11-10-09
Eric Ginsburg a.k.a. ericsdogs 11-9-09
Mary D. Ott a.k.a. marydott 11-9-09
Newton More a.k.a. newtmore 11-9-09
Johnny Dukovich a.k.a. greenmoon 11-9-09
Lori Anne Boocks a.k.a. boocks
Renee Woodward a.k.a. azcra 10-19-09
Kelly Perla.k.a. Undisclosed Location 10-19-09
Miguel Tio a.k.a. migueltio 10-17-09
Stephen Boocks a.k.a. sboocks 10-14-09
Jerry Harke a.k.a. jharke 10-14-09
Jackie Hoysted a.k.a. jackiehoysted 10-10-09
Liliane Blom a.k.a. lilianeblom 10-8-09
Frank Kowing a.ka. fkowing 10-3-9
Davin Tarr a.ka nivad 10-3-9
Angela Kleis a.k.a angelakleis 10-3-9
Lauren Pond a.k.a. ThePhotoPond 10-1-09
Olga Dmytrenko a.k.a. Olga Dmytrenko 10-1-09
Julianne Fuchs-Musgrave a.k.a. julifuchs 9-30-09
Mishka Jaeger a.k.a mishka 9-29-09
Heather Schmaedeke a.k.a. hmsart 7-17-09
Jamie Wimberly a.k.a. Wimberly 6-29-09
Rebecca Gordon a.k.a. Rebecca 6-27-09
Paul Farley a.k.a PaulsArt 6-27-09
Mara Odette a.k.a maraodette 6-21-09
Dave Gutierrez a.k.a Dave Gutierrez 6-21-09
Roy Utley a.k.a. royutley 5-16-09
Tammy Vitale a.k.a. TammyVitale 5-15-09
Jennifer Bishop a.k.a. jenb1012 5-14-09
Barry Schmetter a.k.a. BarryS 5-14-09
Alex Zealand a.k.a. lexi 3-17-09
Paul Farley a.k.a PaulsArt 2-12-09
Jenn Verr a.k.a. funkergirl 2-4-09
Tom Cardarella a.k.a. PelArts 2-02-09
Krissy Downing a.k.a. q r i s s y 01-14-09
Geoff Ault a.k.a. apres-image 01-10-09
Sherill Gross a.k.a. sagworks 01-10-09
David Clarke a.k.a. drclarke 01-08-09

In '08

Rhett Rebold a.k.a. rrebold 12-29-08
Jennifer Beinhacker a.k.a. jennifer 8-25-08
Evelynn Cabrera a.k.a evmarinucci 8-22-08
Cheryl Edwards a.k.a c.d.e. 7-27-08
Lisa Rosenstein a.k.a Lisa Rosenstein 7-6-08
Paul Farley a.k.a PaulsArt 6-11-08
Dave Gutierrez a.k.a Dave Gutierrez 6-9-08
Gail Vollrath a.k.a. gvollrath 5-28-08
Barry Schmetter a.k.a. BarryS 5-8-08
Yim Kay a.k.a. Kay 5-8-08
Jill Hackney a.k.a. mgirll 5-6-08
H. Paul McCoy, Jr. a.k.a. Maestro20010 5-1-08
Tammy Vitale a.k.a. TammyVitale 5-1-08
Jennifer Bishop a.k.a. jenb1012 4-30-08
Heather Schmaedeke a.k.a. hmsart 4-21-08
Fabian a.k.a. . Fabian 4-17-08
Joseph Jones a.k.a. waazaji 4-13-08
Jerry Harke a.k.a. jharke 3-31-08
H. Paul McCoy, Jr. a.k.a. Maestro20010 2-18-08
Jenn R. Golden a.k.a. JennRGolden 2-7-08
David Stovall a.k.a dbstovall 2-6-08
Kerri Sheehan a.k.a Kerri 2-5-08
Kreg David Kelley a.k.a KregDavidKelley 2-4-08
graycard a.k.a graycard18 2-4-08
Erin Antognoli a.k.a Halo 2-4-08
Paul Farley a.k.a PaulsArt 2-4-08
Clifford Adelman a.k.a. Jazzman 2-2-08
Tom Cardarella a.k.a. PelArts 2-1-08

In '07

Marina Starkova a.k.a. Aquamarina
Krissy Downing a.k.a. q r i s s y
Geoff Ault a.k.a. apres-image
Gary A. Christopherson a.k.a. GChris
Wynn Creasy a.k.a. Wynn Creasy Fine Art
Jill Hackney a.k.a. mgirll
Rhett Rebold a.k.a. rrebold
Paul Zdepski a.k.a. pauliez
Sean Welker a.k.a. secretworm
Gabriel Thy a.k.a. Gabriel Thy
Jodi Patterson a.k.a. grrlyj
Robert Fredley a.k.a. urf
Tracy Lee a.k.a. Tracy Lee
Sherill Gross a.k.a. sagworks
Barry Schmetter a.k.a. BarryS
Jennifer Beinhacker a.k.a. jennifer
Jenn R. Golden a.k.a. JennRGolden
Tom Cardarella a.k.a. PelArts
H. Paul McCoy, Jr. a.k.a. Maestro20010
Dan Rosenstein a.k.a. danspix
Jamie Wimberly a.k.a. Wimberly
Alex Swain a.k.a. fotoobscura
Emily Piccirillo a.k.a viajera
Jenn Verr a.k.a. funkergirl
Heather Schmaedeke a.ka. hmsart
Mike Clayberg a.k.a claybergm
David Clarke a.k.a. drclarke
Pete Van Riper a.k.a Pete Van Riper
Jack Whitisitt a.k.a jwhitsitt
John Morgan a.k.a jron
Dottie Lou a.k.a dottiebobottie
Erin Antognoli a.k.a Halo
Angela Kleis a.k.a angelakleis
Michael Auger a.k.a arty4ever
Lynne Venart a.k.a The Art Monkey

In '06
John Morgan a.k.a jron
Heather Schmaedeke a.ka. hmsart
Alex Swain a.k.a. fotoobscura
Angela Kleis a.ka. AngelaKleis
Paul Farley a.k.a PaulsArt
Sean Hennessey a.k.a. scenicartisan
Joseph Barbaccia a.k.a. Joseph Barbaccia
Jesse Cohen a.k.a Jesse

For information on gifts to pleas visit this topic for information about our needs and growth.

Give a buck or more to program thanks go to:
(find details here)

lexi 5-23-08

Beyond financial support, there are many great artists who provide very important intellectual input into this site!  We thank you all!
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Re: In Support of
« Reply #1 on: September 20, 2010, 09:45:15 AM »
Thank you to all those who support our efforts!  We really appreciate it!

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Re: In Support of
« Reply #2 on: May 15, 2012, 05:05:35 AM »
I believe in supporting the ARTS!
James Wang, Abstract Mixed Media Artist

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Re: In Support of
« Reply #3 on: May 16, 2012, 02:09:16 PM »
Agreed.  To the public, support those who support us!  Buy the art of our patrons!!!

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Re: In Support of
« Reply #4 on: March 26, 2013, 12:32:35 PM »
Would you like to be on this list?  If so, support artdc here: